“Don’t trust me without any reserve just because you respect me as your teacher.  You have to test and verify what I have taught you,” said Yip Man to his young pupil Duncan Leung.  “If you want to seek the truth, you have to experiment them personally.”

While taking private lessons from Grandmaster Yip Man in Hong Kong back in the Fifties, Sifu Duncan Leung would hire training partners to practice the fighting techniques he learned. Eventually, his training partners refused his employment in spite of more money, as Sifu‘s speed and power caused them a lot of pains.  In order to seek the truth, Sifu Leung would then arrange fights with practitioners from other martial arts schools.  Sometimes he would even pick fights with strangers in the street.

When Sifu Duncan came to America and started his Wing Chun School, he was aware of the law and order of the society.   Therefore, Sifu Leung redesigned and updated his training program of Wing Chun based on the philosophy of Wing Chun Kung Fu passed on to him by the legendary Grand Master Yip Man.  Applied Wing Chung Kung Fu is thus born.

By applying Yip Man’s Four Wing Chun Principles and teaching of Economy of movement, Sifu Leung has helped numerous students to develop speed, power, timing, judgement of distance and control of rhythm in their fighting techniques.  Training equipment are modernized to ensure safety and alleviation of pains.  Practicing with partners to simulate live situations are supervised.  His Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu training program assures the quality of training the student should receive, enables the student to overcome the fear in combating and gains self-confidence in self-defense.