Ma Man Nam (馬文南)

While working a summer job to pay for college expenses in New York City in 1974, Ma Man Nam ran into Sifu Duncan Leung Shiu Hung.  Happy to meet a “Wing Chun Uncle”, Man Nam, who had previously learned from Sifu Leung Sheung (no relation) for a year and a half in Hong Kong, requested to Chi Sau (sticking hands) with “Uncle Leung”. Man Nam was overwhelmed immediately and was so impressed by the knowledge, skill, and physical conditioning of Sifu Leung that he would find time to visit Sifu Leung as often as possible.  The relationship grew and Man Nam became an informal assistant of Sifu Leung to help out beginners.  By the end of the summer vacation, some of the students in the school would address Man Nam as Dai Sihing (Senior Big Brother). 

Before returning to college for his senior year, Man Nam was advised by Sifu Leung to start a Wing Chun class in his college campus so as to continue practicing Wing Chun. Sifu Leung also gave him a pair of wooden Wing Chun knives and taught him the form.  While in school, Man Nam started a Wing Chun class with some schoolmates and would continue to communicate with Sifu Leung by long distance phone calls. 

As motivated by the name Dai Sihing, Man Nam finally mustered enough courage to make a request to Sifu Leung to become his disciple.  Sifu Leung accepted his request and during the winter break, Man Nam flew to New York to perform the “Baisi” Ceremony and formally became a disciple of Sifu Leung, and forever a Wing Chun Practitioner. 

Man Nam had assisted Sifu Leung  in teaching classes of Applied Wing Chun in New York City and at the Virginia Beach School.  He had also attended seminars and intensive training camps held by Sifu Leung, helped organize the International Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation, and became a director of the organization since inception.

In 2010, Sifu Leung urged Man Nam to carry out the responsibility of passing the Wing Chun knowledge to qualified people.  In response, Man Nam started teaching privately and has accepted two formal disciples of his own.  

Sifu Ma has been teaching privately to a small group of students for the past 6 years; and is on a mission to impart the knowledge of Applied Wing Chun to the younger generations.

Sifu Ma is also a long time social service worker and participant in community affairs in Chinatown, New York.  Currently he works as a social worker at a senior center.   

ma man nam