Sifu Duncan Leung Shiu Hung (梁紹鴻師父)

By the time Sifu Duncan Leung finished his Wing Chun training with Grand Master Yip Man, he got this advice, 尋師訪友” (Chum Si Fon Yau), from the Grand Master.  This Chinese Idiom when roughly translated means, “In one’s quest for knowledge and skill of an art, one should continue to seek advice from learned people and have friendly exchange with peers.”

In 1974, Sifu Duncan Leung started his Wing Chun Kung Fu School in 3 Great Jones Street in Manhattan, New York City.  After meeting challengers from various styles of various martial arts schools, Sifu Leung earned his reputation and was approached by Broadway Show Producer and theater owner Martin Gay.  Together they organized and put on the First Kung Fu Broadway Show in the Times Square area.  More than a dozen famous local martial artists from various schools joined the show and it was a success.

In 1976, Dr. John Newton, a Wing Chun enthusiast, was able to convince Sifu Leung to move his school from New York to Virginia Beach, a US navy town with over 200 martial arts schools.  Sifu Leung continued his journey in his quest for the truth in Wing Chun as his reputation continued to grow.  He was invited to teach in the Norfolk Police Academy, the SWAT team, Seal Team 2 and 4 as well as other law enforcement institutions.  People from other parts of the Americas and other continents would find their way to his Virginia Beach School for lessons or invite him to travel to their countries for seminars.

While expanding his Applied Wing Chun Schools to China and Hong Kong, Sifu Leung met Director Wong Ka Wai who produced the award-winning movie “The Grand Masters”.  Sifu Leung was hired as the Wing Chun consultant to team up with the world famous Action Director, Yuen Wo Ping for the movie.  Tony Leung, a popular actor in the Asian movie world, began training with Sifu Leung for three years, with assistance from Sifu’s younger son, Darren Leung.  The success of the movie was huge and it has become an instant classic.

Currently, Sifu Leung is stationed in Hong Kong and China, promoting Applied Wing Chun through his schools and giving seminars to his students and their followers from around the world.